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SM Dangerous Encounter

   Moshi Moshi everyone! *blush* I'm so sorry for not updating this page for so long. (Make that 'too darn long') I gave up hope to continue on updating after my computer crashed. All the graphics I made vanished. *sob* I have to start all over again. Anyways, I'm back!! I decided to make this page simple, less graphical (that's ironic...after all this is a free graphics site...hehe) and easy to navigate. Take what ever you want but please be considerate as to link back to my site if you use any of my hand-made graphics k... Thanks :) But for now, I haven't fully uploaded all the graphics yet! T_T Gomen ne! Hope you'll  wait just a lil' bitty longer. For the time being, you can visit my other pages if you like! :) Buzz 'HOME'! or maybe visit the old site of SMDE?



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