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Welcome to the danger zone ... new layout ... new updates ... new stuff ... new bgs ... welcome everyone ^-^



   We've completely revamped this site.Enjoy your stay! Check out the updates for new and HOT stuf!! This site offers Only free graphics for you to use. You can use it but (yeap there's a 'but') you must promise to download all graphics to your own hard drive (meaning...No Direct Linking ). We love to creat free thingies for you to use especially bgs and it takes time to think of the design and took us hours to actually make it. We don't mind you using it but please put a link back to our site using the small banner below with the word 'SMDE' written on it.

   Choose you path.Enter the mysterious world.......


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Last revised: April 18, 1999

The first lovely person to sign our GB! Visit her site for more great graphics.  Our first award came from Ninjara of Te Cosmos Gateway!Another great place for you to find free webpage graphics  Graphx by... support this site:)

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